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A Linker is an ambassador of our brand, is part of our LinkHouse team by referring people with an interest in our services.

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We are adventurous and passionate about travel and professional growth. We have managed to change the lives of many around the world and we will continue to do so.

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Get to know our Linkers program, through which you can generate profits while helping other people to live the adventure of their lives.

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These are the services
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planes de entretenimiento en Australia

Entertainment plans

If you would like to get to know Australia and live a new experience, we plan tourist adventures with the best guides so that you can get to know this beautiful country even more.

Migration legal advice

We have lawyers and professionals who can provide you with the best advice, so that you have all the information you need.

asesorias legales migratorias
job mentory in australia

Job Mentory

If you want to start your path to professional work then you can receive advice about:
✔ How to make your resume (CV) and cover letter.
✔ Interview sessions: where you can prepare for the interview of your ideal job in Australia.
✔ How to make your LinkedIn profile to be high impact.

Visa renewal

If you want to stay in Australia… We help you with the entire process, so you can see all the options you have to renew your visa.

visa renovation in australia
educación face to face

Face to Face Education

If you want to start face-to-face education, we plan the ideal study program for each person.

Virtual Academy

If you want to study without leaving home, we offer a variety of online courses on business, marketing, entrepreneurship, human resources, communications and much more.

academia de cursos virtuales en australia

¿Cuánto ganas como  Linker?

Tu ganancia dependerá del número de referidos efectivos



Por una persona que refieras gana AUD $60



Por dos referidos gana AUD $160

Nueva Zelanda


A partir de tres gana hasta AUD $100 por cada uno.

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